With a growing demand for remote working amidst the global coronavirus pandemic, and a legal obligation to dispose of commercial documents securely, a huge gap in the UK’s shredding service offerings appeared. There was no easy, low-cost way for businesses’ remote workers to dispose of small quantities of commercial documents safely, legally, and without risking a data breach. That’s when Ship2Shred was born.

Ship2Shred is a new and unique service offering launched in August 2020 by Shred Station Ltd – the UK’s largest independent shredding company founded in 2008.

The Ship2Shred team thrives on making our customers’ document disposal measures simple. Our postal shredding services can remove stress for your employees in charge of data compliance. The Ship2Shred service also satisfies your remote workers who will no longer have to hold onto reams of business paperwork for extended periods. Ship2Shred is the ideal shredding service solution for remote workers and the self-employed.

Everything we do is managed and destroyed at our head office and secure destruction depot in Norwich and the service is available to anyone in the UK.


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