We understand that, as a brand-new service, you may have some important questions to ask. We’ve put together this list of Frequently Asked Questions to help you with some of your queries.

How do I order the Ship2Shred envelopes?

Ship2Shred envelopes can be ordered in several ways. You can order by phone by calling 0800 078 3245, or by emailing shred@ship2shred.co.uk. You can also submit an order form here.

How secure is the service?

The Ship2Shred service is completely secure. All of our return envelopes are tracked and delivery is confirmed at our high-security destruction centre. A Certificate of Destruction will also be supplied, confirming that all materials received have been destroyed.

How many envelopes do I need?

Each envelope can hold 1kg of paper, which is the rough weight of around 200 sheets. You can order as many envelopes as you like as there is no time limit on returning these.

Can Ship2Shred send envelopes directly to our remote workers?

Yes. Envelopes will be sent to any address you specify at the point of purchase. Please note, at the point of purchase, all delivery details must be provided. A valid email address must also be provided to receive your Certificate of Destruction.

How long will envelopes take to arrive?

If ordered before 2pm, the envelopes will be sent to you the same working day. If ordered after 2pm, the envelopes will be sent the next working day. Any Ship2Shred envelopes you order should reach you within 3-4 days.

How do I send the envelopes back?

Once filled, take your envelope to your local post office, making sure to note down your Royal Mail Tracking Number. All envelopes are prepaid so it won’t cost you any extra to send the envelopes back to us.

Will you let me know once you’ve destroyed the envelopes?

Yes. Your envelopes will be sent back to us using the Royal Mail Tracked 24 service, so should be received by us one working day after you post. Your envelopes will be destroyed within 24 hours of arriving at our destruction centre. Once this happens, we will send a Certificate of Destruction and Waste Transfer Note to the email address you provided at the point of purchase. The whole process should take no longer than 2-3 days.

What happens if Royal Mail loses my envelope?

All of our envelopes are fully tracked, next working day delivery. However, any lost post would be picked up by Royal Mail’s internal complaints procedure. Any undelivered mail is destroyed by Royal Mail. If you have any concerns about loss within the Royal Mail system, Ship2Shred offers the choice for customers to self-deliver to our destruction centre.

If there’s anything else you need help with, please get in touch.

If you’d like to keep a copy of our Frequently Asked Questions for future reference, you can view and download our FAQs helpsheet by clicking here.

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